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Downloadable outputs from the Workshop

September 28, 2009
SFU Harbour Centre Campus, Vancouver, BC


For background on the workshop and its program visit the other parts of this website

Outputs from the workshop include six powerpoint presentations that opened the session, graphic records of the a) Workshop intent, b) introduction, c) presentations, d) World Café questions and e) discussion results, and f) wrap-up summary of key points from the day. Included are presentations that summarized the workshop for various conferences and agencies.

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Workshop workbook with participant list contains the workshop outline, purpose, sponsors, schedule, guides for the world café and mitigation discussions, and participant list
Introduction to Workshop Intent and Process by Bert Struik, Research Scientist, Natural Resources Canada, and Simon Fraser University
Fraser Basin Council by Steve Litke, Program Manager Integrated Flood Hazard Management Fraser Basin Council, Vancouver, BC
Risk Reduction Decisions: Considerations for communities in hazardous terrain by Sonia Talwar and Murray Journeay, Research scientists with Natural Resources Canada, Vancouver, BC
Achieving Effective Last-mile Hazard Warning: Applying lessons from the Indian Ocean to improving tsunami warning along B.C.’s West Coast by Dr. Peter Anderson, Professor of Communications, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC
Risk Reduction and Reconstruction: The Aceh and Nias Experience: Build Back Better by Jean Slick, Head of Emergency Management Program, Royal Roads University, Victoria, BC

Graphic summary of presentations
by Stina Brown, Graphic Artist, at playcreative dot biz, Vancouver, BC.

Graphic introduction to the Workshop World Café
by Stina Brown, Graphic Artist, at playcreative dot biz, Vancouver, BC.
Welcome to the Workshop and the World Café by Dr. Laurie Pearce, Pearces2 Consulting, North Vancouver, BC

Image of each flip chart from the World Café discussions (file size 13.7 Mb) These were recorded by workshop volunteers Amanda Barros (RRU), Amber Church (SFU), Nicky Hastings (NRCan), Marit Heideman (SFU), Nick Roberts (SFU), Jolane Sorge (SFU), Colleen Vaughan (JIBC) and Andrea Wolter (SFU)

Graphic record of the World Café discussions by Stina Brown, Graphic Artist, at playcreative dot biz, Vancouver, BC.

Graphic record of the evaluation of key points of the workshop by Stina Brown, Graphic Artist, at playcreative dot biz, Vancouver, BC.
Presentation summarizing the Workshop Result at the Canadian Risk and Hazards Network Symposium, November 24, 2009, Edmonton, Alberta. Prepared by Bert Struik and John Clague, and delivered by Bert Struik

Workshop Report: Risk mitigation for critical infrastructure (file size 13.6 Mb) Poster presented at the Annual Emergency Preparedness Conference, November 25, 2009, Vancouver, BC. by Bert Struik, John Clague, Murray Day, Larry Pearce, Laurie Pearce, Doug Allan and Wayne Hirlehey
Presentation summarizing the Workshop results to the Fraser Basin Council Flood Management Committee, December 8, 2009, Vancouver, BC. Prepared and presented by Bert Struik