Centre for Natural Hazard Research

Home Goals Format Registration Contacts Venue Partners Background information workshop and follow up outputs

Information sheet Information sheet, Fighting Mega-Disasters Workshop 3.1 MB

Program Program booklet, Fighting Mega-Disasters Workshop 0.02 MB

mitigation breakout Breakout poster 1: Mitigation of mega-events 1.0 MB

recovery breakout side 1 Breakout poster 2a: Recovery from mega-events 0.7 MB

recovery breakout side 2 Breakout poster 2b: Recovery from mega-events 1.0 MB

preparedness and response breakout Breakout poster 3: Preparedness and response for mega-events 1.2 MB

future studies breakout Breakout poster 5: Future study needs for mega-events 3.1 MB

global interdependence breakout Breakout poster 6: Global interdependence issues with respect to mega-events 1.1 MB


Zaleski Workshop Introduction Welcoming Remarks and Program Introduction; Marty Zaleski, SFU 0.3 MB

Struik Talk, Saving Rhinos and Preventing Disasters Saving the Last Rhino: lessons for disaster prevention; Lambertus Struik, SFU 0.1 MB

Clague  Talk, Catastophic Geological Events The Inevitability and Consequences of Mega-Disasters in a Crowded World; John Clague, SFU 5.3 MB

Harada Japan 2011 Tsunami 2011 Japanese Mega-quake and Tsunami; Seiki Harada, North Vancouver 7.4 MB

Harford Climate Change talk Wrapping minds around climate change; Deborah Harford, SFU 6.2 MB

Svirchev Wenchuan 2008 Earthquake Societal and Economic Implications of the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake; Laurence Svirchev, Chengdu University 29.1 MB

Taylor Wildfire Catastrophies Wildfires as Disasters — Progress and Challenges in Canada; Steve Taylor, NRCan 6.7 MB

Romanas Communities and Catastrophies Managing a mega-emergency from a community perspective; Amy Romanas, Richmond 5.4 MB