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Workshop Goals

Guide to support land-use decisions

The organizing committee will produce a best-practices guide to reducing hazard risk through land-use decisions, based on the workshop proceedings. That guide along with the record of the workshop proceedings, including discussion and presentations will be distributed through the SFU Centre for Natural Hazard Research (CNHR) website (www.sfu.ca/cnhr), and be available from other venues.

The workshop will identify and document best practices to support land-use decisions that increase resilience from disasters. It will strengthen the disaster prevention network in Canada through promotion of an interdisciplinary mitigation network, and it will create a modular workshop template for communities to develop resilience through land-use choices.

Promote land-use guide

Proposals from the workshop will be promoted with agencies and institutions that reduce risk from hazards through research, policy and application. They may form the framework for hosting these discussions in a range of unique communities. Those workshops would provide communities the opportunity to create their own guides, thereby to increase the scope and effectiveness of a land-use guide for building disaster resilience.

Contribute to the risk mitigation network

These workshops and communications surrounding them are a contribution to building a multidisciplinary risk mitigation network in Canada.