Centre for Natural Hazard Research

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Workshop Goals

Stimulate disaster reduction stakeholders to produce a guide to effectively transfer natural hazard-assessment knowledge in Canada

This workshop is meant to stimulate further discussion and future action toward producing a guide to informed practice in effective transfer of natural hazard assessment knowledge for use in qualitative and quantitative risk assessment. In particular we strive to make hazard assessments understandable in their own right for use by land-use decision makers, and easily understandable and useable by engineers, geologists, planners and others conducting risk assessment for the purpose of reducing disasters. The record of the workshop proceedings, including discussion and presentations will be distributed through the SFU Centre for Natural Hazard Research (CNHR) website (www.sfu.ca/cnhr), and be available from other venues.

The workshop is one of several hosted by the Centre for Natural Hazards Research to incrementally document and share informed practices to support land-use decisions that increase disaster resilience and reduce the number and extent of disasters.

Contribute to the risk mitigation network

These workshops and communications surrounding them are a contribution to building a multidisciplinary risk mitigation network in Canada.