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The Canadian National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction was formed to provide strategic advice to policy makers, elected officials and senior decision makers regarding Canada's adoption of the Hyogo Framework for Action under the United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction. The Resilient Communities Working Group (RCWG) received its mandate from the Canadian National Platform to provide the Platform with guidance regarding strategies and ideas that support and promote disaster risk reduction and resiliency efforts within Canada.

Beginning in 2012, the RCWG held a strategic planning session and developed a list of key initiatives or priorities for action; one of these initiatives being the development of a Risk- Based National Land Use Guide. Based on four local planning workshops, six risk-based land use exercises and numerous presentations there is now an excellent opportunity to conduct a workshop, funded and supported by Public Safety Canada, along with the Justice Institute of British Columbia, Natural Resources Canada, Defence Research and Development Canada, Emergency Management British Columbia and the District of North Vancouver to:

  • review existing risk-based land use practices and policies in Canada and support the drafting of new policies to address risk-based land use planning and mitigative programs for natural and human-caused hazards;
  • review and suggest amendments to the draft Guide;
  • acquire new knowledge and seek innovative approaches to deal with overland flooding;
  • develop strategies to disseminate and support implementation of the Guide at the community, provincial and territorial levels; and
  • contribute to the public safety of Canadians and to reduce economic losses.