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Outputs of this workshop can be found on the Download page

Workshop Scope

The workshop participants will design a land-use guide to building resilient communities.

This September 17, 2010 workshop will assess practices in supporting land-use decisions that reduce the risk of disastrous damage to infrastructure from catastrophic events (earthquakes, floods, landslides, severe storms, tsunamis). Better support for land-use decision makers was a topic targeted at the September 28, 2009 risk mitigation workshop sponsored by this group (www.sfu.ca/cnhr/workshops.html). We will discuss improvements to existing guidelines for land zoning and development that would reduce damage and disruption from disasters. Panel discussions will be interspersed by presentations summarizing recently implemented and suggested systems for supporting land-use decisions. The discussion will be framed by results of a land-use planning table-top exercise conducted just prior to the workshop. The focus is on pre-event action to mitigate impacts, rather than on response.

Who should attend

Land-use planners and elected officials, infrastructure-owners, -managers and -stakeholders, insurers, researchers and practitioners of land-use policy, and emergency managers.

The workshop first circular is available for download as pdf format.

Hosted by:

Centre for Natural Hazard Research, SFU
Natural Resources Canada
Justice Institute of British Columbia
Pearces 2 Consulting
Public Safety Canada
Integrated Partnership for Regional Emergency Management